Jr. Church & Kid's Bible Club


Junior Church starts Sunday Mornings at 11:00am*

*directly after the music portion of the morning service.

There are two different classes, one for children 3 ~ 5 years old and another for ages 5 ~ 12.

What Are We Doing to Grow Our Children in Christ?

Sunday Morning 3-5 & 6-12Wednesday Evening 3-5 & 6-12
Parent Sign’s Child InParent Sign’s Child In
Music Time ( adult led Bible songs )Music Time ( adult led Bible songs )
Offering ( for Kid’s Bible Club Program )Offering ( for Kid’s Bible CLub Program )
Prayer Time ( John 14:13-14 )Prayer Time ( 1 John 5:14 )
Bible Teaching ( Scriptural readings from the King James Version )Bible Teaching ( Scriptural readings from the King James Version )
Parent Check’s Out their ChildParent Check’s Out their Child

On Wednesday evenings the children participate in our Kid’s Bible Club Program.

Children learn the Bible through games and study, hear a multi ~ week missionary story, and participate in our Youth Choir.

All the fun begins at 7:00pm every Wednesday night.

Youth Pastor Jeff Lynn

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