Darren Truel Family


Darren Truel Family

Darren Truel   

Hispaniola Mountain Ministries

Dominican Republic – Medical Missions International





HMM seeks to build discipling relationships that will grow Christ’s kingdom. We utilize a variety of ministries, including:

Helping to building and maintain WATER WELLS in resource-limited areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic

  • Providing individuals living in remote areas with access to MEDICAL AND DENTAL treatment 

  • Assisting with the CONSTRUCTION of homes and churches 

  • Planning and holding a variety of CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES (e.g., Vacation Bible School, sports clinics, movie nights, etc…) 

  • Utilizing appropriate EVANGELISM tools (e.g., church services, movie nights, door-to-door food distribution and prayer ministries, bible studies, etc…) to share the love of Jesus Christ 

  • Helping spread the Gospel by conducting PASTOR TRAININGS to equip and train local pastors to better lead their communities in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

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