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Johnathan Bach

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Missionaries to Remote Regions in Canada

The Lord has called us to serve Him in remote regions of Southeast Alaska and Northwestern BC, Canada. Johnathan is a 2nd generation missionary, having lived on the field since age 13. His family has been blessed with the opportunity to preach the gospel where there there is no clear gospel witness, and we thank the Lord for all He has done. The Lord saved Johnathan when he was 11, and called me to remote regions ministry at age 16. I was trained on the field by my dad through a local Bible institute. In July of 2016, Johnathan started on deputation to return to the field where the Lord has directed me to work with our family team. Thanks for taking the time to look over this info. Please pray for me, my wife, and my family as we endeavor to preach the gospel in the remote regions of Alaska and Canada.


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Our Motto

Winning the Lost at Any Cost

At our family ministry website:, you will find Bible Study helpers that have been compiled to 

encourage God’s people in their service and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Whether we go by land, air or sea, we must go to fulfill the Great Commission. 


The question is, How much is the value of a human soul to the Lord Jesus Christ? The answer is that there is no cost too great to win a lost man, woman, boy, or girl to the Lord. That is why it is our desire to go to great lengths to provide the transport and delivery support to reach them with the Gospel.




Current Missionary Correspondence

Missionary Letters & Posts

Sending Church: Community Baptist Church P.O. Box 367 Oliver Springs, TN 37840 Pastor Robert Combs (865) 435-6817

3 thoughts on “Johnathan Bach

  1. Barbara Adlof

    Jon, and Emily ;
    It was so nice talking with you guys at Legacy this morning. I have a gift for your baby boy,but need your address to mail it,or drop it off .
    You are such a sweet couple ,and I know that the Lord will use you greatly on the mission field !!

    Barb and Eric Adlof
    (517) 888-4522

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