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Family School  10:00 AM

Senior School 10:00 AM

Morning Service  11:00 AM

Prayer Meeting 5:30 PM

Evening Service  6:00 PM


Evening Service 7:00 PM


Men’s Bible Study ( call for dates )

Women’s Bible Study ( call for dates )

LIVE STREAMING is available for our 10am Senior Sunday School upstairs and Family School downstairs, Main Service 11am, Evening Service at 6pm and Wednesday Night Service at 7pm

Click Here for LIVE STREAMING  

What is happening here at Faith Baptist Church? A lot of people may try to get a feel for a church or its services by taking a look at its website first, but this website can’t begin to describe how good God has been to the people at Faith Baptist, and how good it is to be in his presence, week after week. The best way to describe it is to let you know what we are not doing, and what God is doing.

God has seen fit to bless this local body of believers first of all, through the preaching of his Word. The Bible, God’s Word, is the authority upon which we base everything. At Faith Baptist, we use the KJV and believe that we can rest assured in the truth that God has given. At Faith Baptist Church, you will hear God’s Word preached without compromise.

Praise God, many souls have been saved! Through the preaching of the gospel, many have felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. This has not been through special programs on our part, but God has added to the church.

The church is growing. Not only in number, but there is spiritual growth taking place, that can only be the work of God! 

To sum things up, our prayer at Faith Baptist Church, is that God can accomplish his work here however he sees fit, and that we would be vessels that he can use for His glory. Through the music, the teaching, the activities, the preaching, and whatever else takes place, we give him the glory!