June 2016

I write this prayer update with a heavy heart from the hospital as my father-in-law is very near death. Shelley always helps with the update letters, however, I think it is best for me to write this one as she has a lot to deal with right now. We thank you for praying for us and FirstBible International as we are seeing wonderful results to the glory of God in our meetings. We have new churches on board either for personal support and or ministry support and we are very grateful for every church that the Lord adds to our support family and to the FBI ministry needs.

Some project updates are:

  • The Mongolia project has been completed and the dedication will take place soon in Mongolia. Praise the Lord!
  • The Maltese project is back on the docket for completion and will be printed soon in Milford Ohio at Bearing Precious Seed and then delivered to the island soon after. Glory to God as all the needed funds have been received for this project. Our goal is to provide at least one Bible for every household on the island.
  • The Armenian scriptures have been completed and several Bibles have been delivered in the country along with some National training that has already taken place. There are several open doors there that FBI are actively pursuing.
  • The current project that we are raising the funds for is the Kannada project for S. India. This is a $80,000 project for 10,000 whole Bibles and we are over half way there. Please pray and consider what you might be able to give toward this need yet this year. M prayer is that we will be able to all the needed funds received this year.
  • The UNPUBLISHED WORD JOURNAL… If you already receive the Journal thank you and I am sure that you are enjoying it. If you don’t receive this quarterly publication please go to our Web site at firstbible.net and subscribe soon. The Journal is informative with a lot of pertinent information that would be of great benefit to your missions program. Your subscription to the Journal is a great help to FBI.
  • We have a busy summer planned and are anticipating incredible results as we pursue every opportunity that the Lord gives us.

    B.Brent Marowelli

    FirstBible International



    [email protected]