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August Mission Update Moved to Florida!


Were all moved in!! It was a rough few weeks during the move, three trips and a lot of miles. We have the discipleship Institute up and running and I have been working hard catching up all of the lessons. I mailed 993 lessons in July, and we enrolled 58 new students. I worked 101 hours and we had 11 inmates receive the Lord for the month.

August Mission Update Moved to Florida!2019-08-05T12:49:44-05:00

Jim Jones May 2019 Prayer & Inmate Letters


On April 22, 1997, we started in full-time prison ministry, how the time has flown by and now it’s been 22 years and I still get excited when the officer waves to me and says “ are you ready to enter” I smile and say “I have been waiting for this all day”.

Jim Jones May 2019 Prayer & Inmate Letters2019-05-08T07:46:26-05:00

White Family Missions Letter March 2019


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Pictured above is a Scripture verse that was displayed a ta gas station pump in . . . Praise the LORD that somebody is willing to be that kind of a testimony for our LORD!

White Family Missions Letter March 20192019-04-14T08:57:34-05:00

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