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Lawson Family November 2019 Adventures of Faith


God still does the miraculous with handfuls on purpose! Recently, I learned that the container would need to be closed with a specific type of seal that is coded with a serial number. I knew nothing about this seal or its description. Forty-eight hours later, we presented our ministry in a church and after the services, a man employed with a shipping company asked me how he could help. I told him about the seal I needed and he graciously provided it on the next day. This is just a sample of all that God has done. With manifold miracles, we are trusting God to get the container through the mafia controlled ports. This has caused me to pray differently. We are now praying for the “they” of Romans 10:14. “They” are identified as nearly 10,000 homes, families, or individuals that will receive the Bibles in our container. I am now praying for “them” that will receive these Bibles so that “they” can call on HIM and believe in HIM! Please help me pray for “them” now before “they” receive a copy of God’s word. The container is scheduled to be picked up by a truck from our church on November 4th and leaves the port in New York on November 11th.

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