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Donald Sevigne Family Ministry Update March 2019

ndescribable – that’s the word that comes to mind as I write this latest prayer letter from an airplane. We are at the tail end of our deputation trip to the Carolinas; and God certainly blessed! Since our last prayer letter, we have had several churches join us in support, and have had the privilege to travel throughout the southern states, passionately sharing our vision for Cape Cod. The Gospel is the answer!

Donald Sevigne Family January 2019 Prayer Letter

Donald Sevigne Family January 2019 Prayer Letter

God has been so good to us, like always! Since our last letter, we have had many great meetings across the country, and several churches joining us in support. I trust that you and your church families had a wonderful Christmas season; I know we did! One meeting I remember in particular was in early January in Webster, MA. I had the privilege to preach on Sunday AM, and preached a message on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise God, we had one young man saved! How exciting to preach a message on the Gospel, and have someone understand and believe it!

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