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August Mission Update Moved to Florida!


Were all moved in!! It was a rough few weeks during the move, three trips and a lot of miles. We have the discipleship Institute up and running and I have been working hard catching up all of the lessons. I mailed 993 lessons in July, and we enrolled 58 new students. I worked 101 hours and we had 11 inmates receive the Lord for the month.

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Jim Jones May 2019 Prayer & Inmate Letters


On April 22, 1997, we started in full-time prison ministry, how the time has flown by and now it’s been 22 years and I still get excited when the officer waves to me and says “ are you ready to enter” I smile and say “I have been waiting for this all day”.

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Jim Jones Family Mission Letter March 2019


Praise the Lord, I was able to win my protest and I was allowed to receive a new medication. I started taking it the last week of February and it takes a few weeks to start working. I am trusting this one will get me back to my old self again. I am thankful for your prayers in this matter.

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Jim Jones Family Prayer Letter January 2019


We have finished another year!! In April 2019 we will celebrate 22 years in the prison ministry. Praise the Lord. In the month of December, I preached in eight facilities and lead 26 inmates to the Lord. I also worked 118 hours in the Upper Midwest Bible Institute. We sent out 873 lessons and enrolled 38 new students. In 2018 we had many blessings and a few disappointments. I lost two full-time workers in 2018 but was able to move my schedule around to be able to do the jail and prison work.

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