At Faith Baptist Church we are very passionate about the family. We believe that if the families of the church are not being ministered to or growing, then not only does the family suffer, but the church as a whole suffers as well.

It is with all of this in mind that we have structured our Sunday School. Unlike most traditional churches, we do not separate the children from their parents. Instead we have a combined class where the lesson is taught in a way that the whole family learns together. At Faith Baptist Church families arrive as a family, they learn as a family, and they grow as a family.

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In addition to the Family School format, each week every family is given a basic devotion guide for the week. In this guide is contained the outline for the following week of Family School.

This is one hour before the morning worship where the entire family learns the Bible together. Devotion pages are available each week to aid family devotion time in the study of the Bible material to be covered the following Sunday in Family School. Families, couples, seniors and singles have all benefited, and been blessed, by the straight-forward teaching of Biblical doctrines and principles.