Missions Work Week

One of the highlights of our year is our Missions Work Week. This a week set aside in June, to come together for no other reason than to assemble the Word of God, many times in different languages.

As much as we love supporting missionaries, the reality is, a missionary needs to be able to take the Bible with him to the field. Over the last several years, Faith Baptist Church has paid for, assembled, and shipped over 1,000,000 scriptures to mission fields around the world.

The people of the church work together to raise the funds for each project, and then in June we work together to assemble, package, pray over, and send off hundreds of thousands of scriptures to people who may have never heard the name Jesus before.

‘These Scriptures go to missionaries that are spreading the Gospel to the world’

We are able to do this by partnering with Bible printing ministries like Bearing Precious Seed in Milford Ohio, Bible Missionary Literature Foundation in Shelby Tennessee, and Local Church Bible Publishers in Lansing Michigan. This is by far the most rewarding week of the year for our church. We get to spend 6 days sitting around tables fellowshipping with one another as we handle the very Word of God. We begin each morning at 8 AM with coffee, doughnuts, and prayer. Then we jump into the work. Throughout the day men, women, and children of all ages are coming and going (as their schedule allows) partaking in the work.

By the end of the week, there are hundreds of boxes of finished scriptures sitting around the platform and auditorium, ready to be prayed over and sent off on Sunday. You simply MUST come to see it with your own eyes to understand the blessing and excitement this week of work produces in our lives!

Missionaries throughout the world request these books from BPS Seedline – Hands-On Bible Publishing

See you there!